****NOTICE**** We have been receiving hundreds of phone calls regarding MWD's being left in Afghanistan. Please be advised, this is NOT what is happening. These are a mixture of private contractor dogs and civilian pets. Although this is sad, they are not MWD's. Saveavet rescues MWD's and Law Enforcement K9's only that are deemed unsuitable for adoption via their agency due to liability. The Military has not left a K9 overseas since the Robby Law has come into effect unless, it is for humane or security reasons such as (terminal cancer, injuries which would be exacerbated during transport, contagious diseases not currently is the USA, etc). Currently there are no regulations that require contractor companies to bring their dogs home, to adopt them out or retirement. Some contractor companies go above and beyond when it comes to their K9's final retirement and some do not. These contracts are appointed through your congressional members and senators bills and laws. Please contact them to help change these laws requiring non-military contractor dogs to be brought home at end of service. Again, although this is sad, this is not the Saveavet Mission. Thank you for your continued support.

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Massachusetts State Police Zander
Baltimore County Sheriff Laky
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Military Working Dog Adoption
MWD Adoption
Military Working Dog Adoption
MWD Adoption
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From retired Military Working Dogs to Homeland Security to Local Law Enforcement, take a look at some of the 4-legged veterans that have come to Saveavet and check out their amazing stories ranging from saving the lives of thousands of veterans to keeping our borders safe and everything in-between. Saveavet, the other forgotten soldiers.

Since Saveavet doesn't receive any government funding, we rely mainly on our online store for renewable income. We prefer this method as it allows us to not only raise the funds needed to operate, but also helps promote the organization through you, our supporters. Take a look at all we have to offer.

From the battle fields of war to the struggle of re-integrating back into civilian life, learn how Saveavet began, the struggles along the way and how we have overcome the odds by achieving what has become known worldwide as the only organization of its kind. A mutual healing space between 2-legged & 4-legged veterans. 

Supporting Saveavet is unlike traditional non-profit organizations. Being an all-volunteer organization and the unique nature of the animals that come into our control there are many opportunities to support Saveavet. From volunteering your time to donating much needed materials, we invite you to come support Saveavet.