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Frequently asked Questions

Can I adopt a Military Working Dog?

  • Yes. All MWD Adoptions go through Lackland Air Force Base located in San Antonio Texas. No other group has any influence on MWD adoptions. Please refer to our adoption page and contact them directly with any questions you have. 

How much does it cost to adopt a MWD?

  • There is no fee to adopt a suitable retired MWD from the military. You are however responsible for transportation from the MWD's duty station to your home. All duty stations are based in the USA.

I've sent in my application and haven't heard back from the military. What can I do?


  • Give the military space and time. Because of the demand for MWD adoptions there can sometimes be up to an 18 month waiting period. 

Can I adopt or foster a Saveavet K-9?

  • No. Saveavet dogs are deemed unsuitable for adoption by their agency prior to coming into our care. They stay on Saveavet property for the remainder of their lives and are solely cared for by the disabled veterans employed by Saveavet. Due to the liability of the K-9's in our program, there are no acceptations to this rule.

Can I volunteer?

  • Yes. Saveavet is a 100% volunteer organization. Unlike traditional non-profit organizations, SAV needs 100's of volunteers from many different walks of life. Please contact us to see how you can help.

Military Working Dog Adoption
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