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Military Working Dog Adoption
Why we care

Everyday our troops rely on our K-9 friends for protection. There were many times our bomb-sniffing canines saved our lives as we went about our duties. As veterans who love animals and appreciate them as former comrades-in-arms, we passionately believe when our canines retire from their commissions they should be able to live out the rest of their days in peace with caring friends -- just like we hope to do.

The need for Rescue

The MWD School at Lackland Air Force Base has a wonderful program to help as many of these dogs as possible be adopted out to loving homes -- sometimes even with their former handlers. Many law local enforcement agencies make every effort to do the same for their K-9 partners.

Nevertheless, many military and law enforcement K-9’s are unable to be placed for adoption due to their attack training, field experiences, or injuries suffered in the line of duty (including the same PTSD that afflicts many of our fellow human veterans). These canine veterans need to be rescued or they are put down. This is the Save-A-Vet mission -- to rescue these "other forgotten soldiers."

Our Rescue Program

Saveavet takes Military & Law Enforcement working dogs deemed unsuitable for adoption by their agencies for a number of reasons including health, training and work history. We then place them on secured facilities owned by Saveavet throughout the country and hire disabled veterans that meet our special criteria to live with and care for these other forgotten soldiers. We DO NOT take any animals from civilians. All Saveavet dogs come directly from agencies ONLY.

Saveavet is constantly building and expanding to help more 2-legged and 4-legged veterans. 

Since we are 100% volunteer with no government funding this takes time and volunteers. If you are interested in helping with current projects, please feel free to contact us.


Currently we are in need of people in the building trades in our current project located in Peru, Indiana, where we are building a 14,000 square foot property that will house up to 21 disabled veterans and 25 retired K9's. Mutual healing between 2-legged and 4-legged veterans. 

MWD Adoption
Some of our Canines

Canine Paddy 2

Department of State

Paddy 2, a retired Bomb Detection Canine was stationed at the US Embassy in Afghanistan for nearly four years. Paddy was retired early due injuries obtained during combat and has became the new face and ambassador for the Saveavet organization. Paddy loves all animals, people and children. He can be found attending many of the Saveavet events, hanging out with sponsors and wandering around the Saveavet office claiming all couches to be his own. Come out and visit this amazing war hero at the next Saveavet event. 

Military Working Dog Dexter

U.S. Air Force

MWD Dexter, a retired Iraq War veteran, had a long list of accomplishments during his six years of service. He patrolled the streets of Baghdad, helped suppress a prison riot, and detected explosives hidden in a garbage truck before they could detonate at a mess hall -- saving over 1,000 soldiers' lives.

When he could no longer work due to severe hip problems he was diagnosed as "too aggressive" to be suitable for civilian adoption and was scheduled to be put down when Save-A-Vet got the call from his loyal handler friend to rescue him

Military Working Dog Alan

U.S. Army

MWD Alan had been serving with the 947th Military Police Detachment at Fort Myer, Virginia. He has protected people like the Vice President, First Lady, and foreign dignitaries at home and abroad.

This German Shepherd veteran was certified as an Explosion Detection Dog (“bomb sniffer”) and a Patrol Dog, and received his extensive training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. He could no longer serve because of an intestinal disorder, and was scheduled to be euthanized by the military.

Military Working Dog Nero

U.S. Navy

During his tour in the Middle East as After as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, MWD Nero suffered a back injury which took him out of service. Because of his outstanding abilities, he received surgery at Lackland Air Force Base, fusing two discs together in the hope he would be able to return to work.

After his program of rehabilitation, the veterenarians determined that Nero was unable to return to work. When the Navy was not able to adopt him to any qualified former handlers they contacted Save-A-Vet.

Customs & Border Protection Ornella

Homeland Security

Ornella was retired from U.S. Customs and Border Protection for medical reasons and was not adoptable due to her behavior challenges. Her sharp nose served our country for two years on the border detecting marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine and concealed humans. CBP K-9 Officer Shawn Johnson says “Ornella possesses those qualities and energies that make a successful detector dog a drug smuggler’s worst fear.”

Police K9 Ando

Department Classified

Ando was 8 years old when he came to Save-A-Vet, after working in a state K-9 program where he booked the largest drug bust in state history.

Due to liability reasons we are unable to disclose which department Ando retired from. 

State Police Canine Zander

Massachusetts State Police

Police K9 Zander is one of our unique K9's. Zander, after 8 years on the job decided he no longer wanted to bite. That's right, Zander retired due to lack of aggression. Because he had to retire early, his handler was forced to replace him with a new K-9. Since Zander was trained in Apprehension, and his history showed he was good at it, he was deemed unsuitable for adoption due to liability. Massachusetts State Police contacted Saveavet asking us to take him since there was no where safe for him to go. Zander has grown to be a great representative of Saveavet and we are proud to have him on our team. 

County Sheriff Laky

Baltimore County Sheriff

Former Baltimore County Sheriff Laky, trained in Narcotics and Apprehension worked in one of the roughest areas in Baltimore Maryland. During his career, Laky turned on a number of his handlers and was deemed unsuitable for adoption due to severe aggression. Now retired with Saveavet, Laky has shown limited to no signs of aggression and is enjoying the finer things in life. Retirement suits him well. 

County Sheriff Quintas

Department Classified

Retired County Sheriff Quintas came to Saveavet for severe aggression. Quintas viciously attacked two of his handlers immediately taking him out of service. Due to these acts Quintas was deemed unsuitable for adoption and was scheduled to be euthanized. Quintas has been with Saveavet since his 8th birthday and is doing amazing. Since being in a controlled atmosphere with an amazing Saveavet handler, Quintas has lived a fruitful and safe life where he plays in the yard and goes for weekly trips to his local American Legion and VFW. 

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