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Service Dogs

When Military & Law Enforcement Working Dogs retire, they are to do just that. They are not to be used to continue working, retrained for service work or anything in-between. Please do not attempt to adopt one of these 4-legged heroes and take away the honor they have earned of a comfortable happy retirement.

If you are a disabled veteran injured in the line of duty in need of a service dog, we encourage you to check out our good friends at K9's For Veterans, NFP.

Military Working Dog Adoption
MWD Adoption

K9s for Veterans, NFP is dedicated to helping veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by providing them with service dogs.   We’re honored to help the men and women who so bravely served our country with dogs that dramatically improve their quality of life.   While there are many service dog organizations, K9s for Veterans is proud to say that we offer some unique benefits to veterans.  

EXPEDITED PLACEMENT –  The average length of time to find a match and place a properly trained service dog is 6-9 months for K9s for Veterans.  Unfortunately, it can take years with some other organizations.

FREE FOOD AND BASIC MEDICAL CARE – As you know, many of our veterans struggle financially when returning to civilian life, so adding the expense of a dog can be challenging.   K9s for Veterans, stands by our veterans for the life of their service dog with free food and basic medical care.

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